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I make human-focused websites.

Yeah, that's my mission. To create places on the web that make people feel welcome.

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To what, you're asking?
Success, of course! :D


Always learning to keep up with the world.


I can make paper planes, too. :D

With love

I put my heart into my work! I really do.

About me

Okay, let's get a bit more serious. So let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Anita Fekete. I have a degree in Economics, but I actually worked as a teacher, and then I was mostly a homemaker for quite a while with small jobs at home like teaching private lessons, doing some translation and being an Internet Assessor. In the meantime I got more and more sucked in by the Internet.
Then, not so long ago, I took Harvard's CS50x, Introduction to Computer Science course online. It was a life changing experience.

Becoming a developer

I chose to go for a web development project as my final project at CS50. This is how my Babysteps Habits Tracker application was born. I went on learning web development and webdesign after that, and I learned to do things more professionally both on the back and front end. I love both!


On the front end side, I have dug into responsive development both manually, using Twitter Bootstrap, and also managing and customising WordPress themes to best fit the customers' needs. Here's some of my work (they're in my native language): Blackerie Web, Józsefvárosi, ÉrzelmIQ, ÖKGy

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